Gin Rummy – Game Of Skills

June 20, 2011 by Dan Brown in Gin Rummy

Gin rummy is a classic game that comes from simple rummy. It is played fairly the same, but since players love this type more and it is more popular in casinos, too, we have to mention some things about it that need to be known.

Some say that this game is a game of skills. This means a player has to have a lot of skills to play this game successfully. Why is this so? Gin rummy has a lot of card variations. A player can make an unbelievably high number of ten card hands. This way there cannot exist a given way players play this game. This lets players have their own style and play their own way. It is impossible for two players to play the same way in this game. Every player uses the cards in the hands the way it is best thought. This results in completely different play styles.

Even so, there might be some rummy strategy that can be applied or at least taken in consideration. Knowing basic things or mathematics in this game can help players use a strategy or at least a play style. For example, there are 44 melds of 3 cards that can make a sequence. This is good to know, especially because sequences can be extended on their both ends, so making points with sequences is more likely. Three of a kind sets are also good and they are more in number than sequence sets, but they cannot be extended, or they can be only extended by the same number they are made of.

The possibility of getting good cards is pretty high, because this game is played with two decks. Now the problem is the fact, that players do not know how to make good melds. This is where a good rummy strategy is needed. It is impossible to make a good strategy that always works. The only thing that can be done is to know the basic things gin rummy hides. Combining these things can result in a strategy, but because all the players are different, they make different strategies. No one will see the same strategy used by different players.

The fact that strategies are different means that the game will change at every table. This means that the player has to be flexible and to use strategies that can overcome the others. Now this is a pretty big requirement and this is why people say that gin rummy is a game of skills. If a player has good skills, meaning that knows all the small details that are required for a good gin rummy strategy, it is more likely that player will win at many tables and in most of the games.

Learning all these things is not easy, however, but with proper enthusiasm it is possible. Those, who know the game well, did not master the game in a day. They had to learn it. Now they make use of this knowledge by using strategies that blow your mind.



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