Progressive Rummy is a Difficult Game

August 8, 2011 by Dan Brown in Progressive Rummy

There are many variations of rummy around. Some of the variations are ought to make the game harder, others make it easier. One of the games that make rummy harder is progressive rummy. This type has strict rules that make the game if not harder, but more complicated and different.

Progressive rummy is played like the simple one, but it has differences like the number of cards dealt. In the first deal players get six cards, in the second they get seven, and so on. The other difference is that sets and runs cannot be extended. They have to be strict. This means that a set contains three cards and a run contains four. No more and no less.

It is obvious at first glance that these differences make the game harder to play. When a player can extend sets and runs already melded, it is much easier to get rid of cards in order to be the first who remains without cards in hands. Progressive rummy does not let a player to do this, so strict sets and runs have to be melded. This requires a totally different playing strategy.

It is good to start with the fact that shorter sets and runs make the game last longer. If there are more deals, the cards in player’s hands get added up. To have good chances, a player has to get out somewhere in the middle. It is very unlikely that a player can get out in the beginning, so after arranging the cards in hands in a way that they can be all melded, a good step has to be made.

Since melds cannot be extended, it is not good to rush with sets that can value more or be arranged otherwise. A good progressive rummy strategy is to wait in the beginning to see if you can make other sets with those cards. If a set cannot be built otherwise, it has to be melded. The other cards have to wait. Waiting is not always good. It has to have a limit, when a player melds everything he can. In the first few rounds it gets clear if a player can get a card that will help, or cards that cannot be put anywhere. Knowing this after a few rounds a player can start to meld as many cards as possible. The order of melding is defined by the chances of making a set from other cards. To be more precise, if there are few chances that a set can be built with another card, it can be melded.

This is not the only progressive rummy strategy, but it certainly works. It requires a player to know the whereabouts of cards and the chances of getting certain cards, but it can be used. It is not so entertaining when a player has to concentrate to so many things, but some people like the challenge. Progressive rummy is not good to start the learning with, because it is pretty hard to learn.


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