Michigan Rummy

August 23, 2011 by Dan Brown in Rummy

Rummy can be played totally different, depending on the type we are using. Usually rummy is a game that is played with simple cards by players and there are no accessories that help in the game. There are some variations, however, where other things are also used, such as a board and chips.

These things can be found in Michigan rummy. It is a bit weird that a game like rummy is played with chips and a play board, but in this game this is totally normal. Otherwise the game is played the same as any other type of rummy, meaning that the goal is to get rid of cards as soon as possible.

The things get a bit hard when we have to talk about the play itself. This is where a greater difference shows. In a round chips are used to bet. Players can place bets for a dummy hand that was dealt to no one. When that hand is taken by someone, it has to be played till the end. Another thing to know is that players do not get the same number of cards. This is not strict, they can get the same number, but it is not necessary.

These things make the game harder than usual. Of course, after someone learned how to play, it will not seem so hard, but for a beginner it might be a bit much.

The play is also a bit different. Players always have to play the lowest card in a suit. If they do not, they have to pay for it by adding chips to the fields on the board. On the board there are fields with different numbers. They represent the place of money cards. Money cards mean that a player can collect the chips from a field when he discards the card that matches that field. The goal is to discard all cards and gather as many points as possible. Here the points are represented by chips. The goal is to take the chips from the center of the board that is the jackpot. The player, who gets the jackpot, gets a lot of points, because from the other fields chips were taken during the game, but in the center chips just gathered. This means that the most chips on the board are in the center and the winner takes a lot of points this way.

Michigan rummy is a type of rummy that is played in casinos and it has similarities with Tripoli. This gives an explanation on the fact that this version of rummy is so hard. It can be pretty challenging to understand this game well, so it also needs persistence until someone gets to know it. Probably this hardness is the reason why many people love this game. It is a bit like poker or other chips based game, but it is not so popular. It is hard to understand well, so it will be played only by those who know it pretty well.


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