Russian Rummy

August 18, 2011 by Dan Brown in Rummy

It is already well known fact that rummy is an international game. It is there in every corner of the earth and even if it is a very old game, it could remain among the modern games, because it is very flexible.

Rummy is also an easy game and people love to play it. This fact is backed up by Russian rummy. This type of game, as its name suggests, is played mostly in Russia. It is a type of contract rummy with a bit different rules than the original, but basically it is the same game. It probably is a very fun game, because it is said that players play this game while drinking serious amounts of vodka. A proper rummy game needs a player to be at least a bit sober, but Russian rummy seems to forget this thing.

This game can be played by three to eight players. Depending on the number of the players the necessary number of decks is used. A deck is for two players, so if there are eight players, four decks are used. No matter the number of players, every player gets thirteen cards in every round.

The number of cards dealt in every round is usually the base point for any strategy used in rummy. In this case since thirteen cards are plenty, rushing for melding all cards would be a good strategy to suggest. The problem is, that after a certain amount of vodka the strategies start to fall apart. It is a well known effect of alcohol, that the user of it becomes happier and cannot pay attention to the small details. This is why suggesting any strategy in this game is useless. It is enough if players remember the rules of the game.

A player goes out only if all his cards are melded. This can be done only if a player is in his own turn and only if the given sets or runs can be made out of his cards. Otherwise the player has to wait another turn. The cards have to be put on the table for other players to see if they are in the correct set.

Like in other contract rummy types, the player with the smallest score wins, because here the score is gathered from deadwood cards. Deadwood cards mean the ones that remain in the player’s hand after someone gone out and won that round. This means players have to play in a way to remain with the least value in their hands. This is reachable if they play their big cards first. Melding high scoring sets and runs is a good strategy anyway, so using it helps in this type of rummy.

Russian rummy can be played anywhere, especially where people want to drink vodka and link it to something. With other words if someone wants to drink vodka and play rummy, Russian rummy is the name that will be used to cover the story before the wife or the boss.


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