Emotions in Rummy

June 19, 2011 by Dan Brown in Strategy

There are some things that need to be discussed about learning rummy. People are different, but in some things we all are alike. We are easily driven by emotions. This means nothing else, but the way we learn to play rummy on a professional level.

Emotions are important, because there are moments when without feelings we would not have enough motivation to continue. This moment is there in every game. Athletes meet this problem the most, because the physical body cannot endure endless pressure. This is called the gate, or the wall, when only the mind is able to make the body continue. Of course, in card games this is not so hard, but there is also a wall when players decide if they continue, or let it dive into forgetting.

Rummy is a simple game. At least people think so, because everybody knows only the basic game and basic rules. The thing is that rummy has a lot of types and every type is played differently. To master all the strategies and rules of rummy, a player is required to dedicate a lot of time for this. Now this is when people usually make mistakes.

When someone dedicates a lot of time to something, results are expected. This is the worst part of all. If a player has luck and can combine strategies in a good way, a lot of victories can be expected. Even so, if everything is done, there are cases when the player cannot win. In this case a player can easily give up.

Let us think a bit on the case when someone gives up. Rummy needs a lot of time. If we give up, we wasted our time in vain. That time could have been easily used for something else, something that brings results. This is the first thought a man can think of, but the truth is that after so many time  that was used for learning, a player will master every bit of knowledge about rummy. This is a knowledge that few of us have, so we can make use of this knowledge, even if not for winning.

Now is when we have to break down the wall. If we will continue, we will surely come up with a rummy strategy that will let us win. A few losses in the beginning will occur, but these are temporary. We have to have patience, because the other players did not master the knowledge, we did, so they will fail after a time. There is no such thing like continuous luck. A player who has luck will eventually fail buy not knowing what to do. This is absolutely true for rummy, because here are so many things a player has to pay attention to, that a starter will fail to remember them.

So, players who want to dedicate their free time to rummy: be patient! Patience will bring its fruits and you will see that if you can successfully break down the wall, only good things will follow. Remember, this requires a lot of time and a lot of dedication.


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