Single Player Rummy

July 23, 2011 by Dan Brown in Strategy

Everybody knows that rummy is a multiplayer game. This means that since the beginning, rummy is played by more than one player. The more can mean up to eight players, but it is not possible to play by ourselves. Over time rummy became the game of many families, but it got place in casinos, too.

Even though we mentioned that rummy is a multiplayer game, we will talk in this article about single player rummy. If this game cannot be played by ourselves, what can possibly be the solution for us to play this game alone? The answer is very easy.

We have to start everything with internet. Since internet became part of the everyday life, games that were unknown until then, became available for the big audience. So did happen, that rummy became available online. Online rummy started as a single player game, meaning that players had to play against virtual players, impersonated by the computer. Since online casinos came only later, they had to make rummy available for more player in the same time in order to give back the feeling of playing in a group of real people.

So, single player rummy is basically the free version of online rummy that can be found anywhere on the internet. It is a single player game, because only one person is playing with a game.

Since computer impersonated players know only one logic, and some basic strategies, starting rummy players like to start with these versions of the game in order to learn the game. Starting with online rummy is simple and can get a player to know the game pretty soon. It is a quick way, because there is no one to wait for, it can be played anytime a player wants.

Of course, this is not enough to be a good player, for that a player has to play against better players. This can only happen in casinos. Even so, single player rummy can help to learn some basic strategies that are necessary in the game. For example players can learn how to meld in a way to be profitable. Without these basic rummy strategies a player cannot get into a real online casino and play. It would be a disaster, because only luck would help the player to win. Rummy is not old without a reason. If played for fun, it is easy, but on a professional level it requires a pretty good knowledge of how things go down during the game.

Single player rummy is there for anyone to help start a new rummy career. It can be used to simply pass the time, or as a stepping stone in the process of becoming a good player who can perform even in an online casino against professional players. Luckily internet is so huge that every type of rummy got place in it, so if you want to play other than basic rummy, you will find all the types you want out there on rummy web pages.


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